Let’s get into reality!

I hear short girls out there justifying their height “My height isn’t short it’s cute” wait girls get yourself a life and stop let these foolish quotes fool you !

Why! I ask why do we need such foolish quotes to justify our genetic thing?!Why just can’t we go infront of the mirror accept our relaity , our real self! The problem isn’t with the world which comment it’s us who let them effect us coz the second you decide to accept yourself,the second you decide to stop believing that wherever you go you be judged by your body that day you will discover that people’s word only effect us when we let them do that!

So I am not preaching you all or anything just sharing a personal story I myself-(the girl behind these words )is just 5 feet and my weight above 50. I too heard those foolish comments like “whose kiddo been lost here”,”should wear heals”,”should drink Horlicks”or my favourite one “should sleep in Horlicks” BUT!BUT! they said it as a joke I rated their jokes !

The point is we all know that nothing could be taken from us because of our body ,nobody can take from us what’s meant to be ours! If you have a wicked mindset your body won’t change it, If you are hard working ,If you are pure soul YOUR SIZE YOUR HEIGHT WON’T CHANGE ANYTHING FOR YOU!  We all know this right! But the second we hear someone saying some shit or body shaming us either we sit and cry or we start doing the same with more bad words! We all forget the fact that this body is soo temporary and the word perfect, word beautiful isn’t meant for it ! Beautifull are souls coz this word is permanent! Stop working on your body and start working for being a beautiful soul, a soul which is ready to help ,to understand! Let tears come out not when you hear some funny shitty comments on your body but when you killed your soul for not eating what you want just beacuse you want to be slimmer when you wore heals so that you or your partner won’t be embarrassed by your height! And when these tears come just wipe them off wipe those *having perfect body*  thoughts tooo!

Coming back to those *opinion* people out there have got opinions which change in seconds like people have opinion even for the best of things nothing can be ever perfect for our so called *society*. They will call you short adding some funny line like I mentioned above and then they will see a tall girl and ask her “how’s the weather up there”  soooooo our society have labels for everything! And we look for labels everytime that’s the problem ,well this problem probably comes from the day when we started to see labels on cloths way before trying them!

We Just can’t shut everybody up in seconds but yes if we want difference we gotta move different! We need to stop looking for people with opinions around us and start looking for the people who may need us, people who need our help and iffff you aree soo willing of getting opinions you may help them and askk them for opinion they will give you the best of it and their opinions would be based on the kind of soul you are !

Sooo decide!decide!decide! And the second you stop let these people effect you with their opinions they may stop wasting them on you!

And once again I say all these glowing skin,fair shade, slim body are just temporary things. Help make this world a better place to live in by being a beautiful soul! Beacuse at the end of the body is either burried and eaten up by those worms there or becomes ash ! Soo stop that unwanted work on your body just to be a wanted meal for those worms!

Let’s make this world together a place with pretty souls ! And let’s stop judging people on the basis of their skin like if I guess it correct you don’t buy bread just beacuse it is more whiter, you look for expiry ! Soo look for souls in human and stop let people fake you with their different beauty standards🌸


The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton